What is Red Devon Restaurant all about?

Red Devon Restaurant is a blog that gives advice on how to give a perfect blowjob. You can guides here regarding oral sex.

What do I do if there’s foreskin?

You don’t really need to tweak your game all that much for foreskin.

If you’re starting with your hands, let the foreskin move with your hand.

When you’re ready to move on, gently pull the foreskin downward to expose the head.

How can I avoid gagging — or is that a good thing?

Gagging does not a good blow job make — though some might (literally) beg otherwise. You can avoid gagging by placing the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth to block your throat.

Do I have to deep throat?

Only if you want to. You can still give them a mind-blowing beej without going deep. Maneuver it toward the roof of your mouth instead. Unless your partner’s an oral surgeon, they probably won’t know the diff.

Why is my partner so quiet? Am I doing OK?

Apart from taking a bite of it, there’s really no way to screw this up. Look for nonverbal signs of pleasure, like faster and heavier breathing or thrusting action.

If the radio silence is freaking you out, don’t be afraid to ask if it feels good. They’ll probably think it’s hot that you genuinely want to please them.

What do I do if my mouth gets tired?

Use your hands. Alternating between hand and mouth is just as enjoyable!

Does it matter if I spit or swallow?

This comes down to your comfort level. Discuss it with your partner beforehand.

Some people love the visual of finishing in someone’s mouth, but having them finish on your closed lips or chin can be just as hot if swallowing semen isn’t your thing.