An Amazing Oral Sex Tip from Sex Expert Tracey Cox

I saw how much you guys loved Joanna’s “Recipe for the Perfect Blow Job.” So I called up a good friend of mine, sex expert Tracey Cox, the author behind Secrets of a Supersexpert (and many other sex bibles!), for her favorite sex tip. If you’re a shy reader, you should definitely cover your eyes for this one—though something tells me you’ll be peeking between your fingers.

“Do you want to give your boyfriend oral sex, but you’re too worried about the smell or taste of him? Well, first off, if he’s clean and healthy,so stop being silly right now. But, beyond that, to add to the fun of it, try my favorite sex tip, the Champagne Shower. It’s easy to pull off this sex trick without looking cheesy (or as if you’re secretly washing his youknowwhat!)… Here’s how:
Simply open a bottle of bubbly and make sure your glass is full and nearby. Then take a mouthful of Champagne before encasing him in your mouth. It feels great on his end; the bubbles fizz, and it’s all terribly celebratory. Plus, you’re happy because you’re essentially giving him a little wash. (And I bet this time you won’t complain about swallowing!)

The alternative is to pick up Nutella chocolate-hazelnut spread at the store and use that during sex by smearing it all over him. Why Nutella? It’s sticky and takes a while to lick off (not to mention that it’s delicious). Quite honestly, though, I’d stick to Champagne the first time. Nutella is more “fun” and you want to start by introducing a food/drink product into the bedroom that’s more “lusty.”

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